Pneumatics Valves

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinder Single / Double Acting

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Pneumatic Valves are devices used to control the flow of pressurized Air or Gas in pneumatic systems. They are designed to open, close, or regulate the flow of air through pipes and tubes.

Model : ARM
Bore Size : 40mm to 450mm
Stroke : Upto 2500mm
End Cover : C.I.
Barrel : S.Steel
Seals : Buna - N
Piston : C.I. / M.S.
Piston Rod : EN 8 / 25 micron
Pressure : Upto 12 Bar
Temp. : 85 °C Max.
Media : Air & Gas
Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valves
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Mounting For Cylinder

Bore Size : 40mm to 450mm
Type : Eye Rod, Fork, Foot, Flange, Cleves Foot, Swivel Flange, Centre Trunion, Pivot, Centre Lug & Other
Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valves
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Moisture Separators

Model : AMS / ACMS
Size : ¼" To 4" BSP / Flanged
Body : M.Steel / Aluminium / S.S.
Pressure : Upto 10 Kg/cm2, 24 Kg/cm2
Media : Air
Drain Facility : Manual / Automatic with Metal Bowl
Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valves
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3/2 Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve

Model : ADAS-3
Size : 1/4"
Body : Aluminium
Pressure : Upto 10Kg
Media : Air
Coil : All Std. Voltage available
Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valves
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Auto Drain Timer Valve (Adjustable)

Model : ADT
Size : 1/2"
Body : SS 304
Pressure : Upto 10 Kg/cm2
Coil : All std. voltage available
Application : Compressor Filter, Dryer, Moisture Separator, Receiver Tank, Refrigeration, After Cooler
Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valves
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3/2, 5/2 & 5/3 Hand Lever Valve (Detent / Spring Return)

Size : 1/4" & 1/2"
Body : Aluminium Press. Die Cast
Seals : Nitrile / NBR
Design : Spool type
Pressure : Upto 10 Bar
Temperature : Upto 50 °C
Leakage : Bubble Tight
Media : Air
Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valves
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Location Area : Ludhiyana, Tamilnadu, Hydrabad, Gujrat, M.P, U.P, Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Aasam, Bangal, Odisa, Telangana, Jalandhar.
Sector : Energy Plants, Oil Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Sugar Factories, Chemical Industries, Process Industries, Pharma Industries, Food Industries, Distillery plants etc.


Quick response time: Pneumatic valves offer fast actuation and response times, allowing for rapid control and adjustment of pneumatic systems.
High force and torque: Pneumatic valves can generate significant force and torque, making them suitable for applications requiring strong actuation. Simple design and installation: Pneumatic valves have a straightforward design, making them easy to install, operate, and maintain.
Cost-effective:Pneumatic valves are generally more affordable compared to their hydraulic or electric counterparts, making them a cost-effective solution for many applications.
Safety: Pneumatic valves do not generate heat or sparks, making them suitable for use in hazardous environments where the presence of flammable substances is a concern.


Actuation methods: Pneumatic valves can be actuated manually, electrically, or pneumatically, providing flexibility in control options.
Different types:Pneumatic valves come in various configurations, such as directional control valves, pressure control valves, and flow control valves, allowing for precise control over pneumatic systems.
Multiple sizes and pressure ratings: Pneumatic valves are available in different sizes and pressure ratings, enabling their use in a wide range of applications.
Accessories: : Pneumatic valves can be equipped with accessories like position indicators, limit switches, and solenoid coils to enhance their functionality and integration into pneumatic systems.


Efficiency: Pneumatic valves enable efficient control of pneumatic systems, ensuring optimal operation and performance.
Versatility:Pneumatic valves can be used in various industries and applications, including manufacturing, automation, and transportation.
Durability: Pneumatic valves are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and have a long service life.
Flexibility: Pneumatic valves offer flexible control options and can be easily integrated into complex pneumatic systems.
Reliability: Pneumatic valves have a high level of reliability, providing consistent performance over extended periods of use.